Exit questions for mentees

Mentorship, UCSC EEB, 2019

Were you my mentee??? Your feedback is very important for me. I would be grateful if you could answer the following questions. Answering them is up to you, feel free to leave any questions (or all of them) unanswered. Your answers may vary depending on whether you were an undergraduate or graduate student, so mark with NA points that are not applicable to your experience.


Mark your position during the mentorship: [ ] undergrad [ ] grad.

1) Was your professional development significantly impacted by the mentor-mentee relationships?

2) Please describe on a scale from 0 (bad) to 5 (good) your level of satisfaction with the way in which mentoring prepared you:

* to do wet lab work (mark NA if not applicable)
* to do dry lab work
* be a future researcher in the field
* succeed in desired career
* provide service to your profession\community (example: outreach, teaching)
* be a good writer
* work in a team 

3) If you could improve upon your experience as a mentee, what would you change and why?

4) What aspects of your experience did you enjoy the most? Why?

5) What aspects of your experience did you enjoy the least? Why?

6) What advice would you give to:

​ a) other mentees

​ b) educators who are preparing mentors